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TrumpTube is the newest video downloading app in the market. TrumpTube can be utilized to download and install video clips from websites like YouTube as well as other video sites. If you are an Android user as well as a video lover, TrumpTube can definitely help you save  a great deal of time as well as energy by downloading and install videos for you within a few clicks.

At present, TrumpTube is not available in Google Play Store but you can download it from,, and UC 9Apps store and its official website.

These days there are many new application arise with new features and specifications every day. And it’s because people using android or iOS are like to update with new latest program, people are always curious about new apps. So in this article I’ll introduce some of TrumpTube’s alternatives for Android and iOS.

TrumpTube Alternatives for Android:

  • TubeMate

  • Videoder


  • VidMate

  • SnapTube

  1. TubeMate: This is without doubt the leader in this field.  You will be able to download it on any device; it can be an Android, a Mac, a Blackberry or even Windows. TubeMate supports more than 14 languages like English, Hindi, Spanish French and so many more. This was the first app that started the trend of sharing video links with friends as well as family on various social media sites.
  2. Videoder: This is one more superb app.  Videoderhas an in-built search engine, which searches through various video streaming services like YouTube or Vimeo. It provides you with the best links available on the net to watch.
  3. VidMate: This app not only allows you to watch all the favorite videos or movies you always wanted to on your phone, but also lets you play some online games. It performs the work of the video and audio converter on the phone or any other device that you download it on.
  4. SnapTube: This is another video downloading app for users to download videos in different resolutions. Users can share the video links with their friends over various social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or for that matter on many other platforms.

These are some of the alternatives for TrumpTube. Every app has certain benefits and drawbacks,  you need to use them in person to see what works best for you.

Why not start with downloading TrumpTube?

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