TrumpTube downloader for Android: Things You Need to Know

TrumpTube is an outstanding app to downloading videos from different video websites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram etc.

It is simple, fast and allow downloading videos and playing videos without Internet connection. TrumpTube provides a series of categories for users to explore their favorite videos. Browsing has never been easier.

To search a video, you only need to browse a certain category or just type the name of the artist in the search bar. When you find a video, you always have an option if playing it online or downloading the video for future watching.

Download TrumpTube to your Android device is very simple. When you are downloading a video from TrumpTube, you can choose the video resolution as well as choose to convert the video to mp3 for audios.

What advantage does TrumpTube have over other similar apps?

  • The most impressive feature of TrumpTube is that you can convert videos to audios and download them as MP3?
  • Multiple videos can be downloaded from various video sites or social media that you are familiar with.
  • If the web environment is good, videos will be downloaded very fast without any interruptions. TrumpTube does not allow any pop ups or ads when you are downloading videos.
  • You can create a playlist of your favorite videos and music for your future watching.
  • You can download videos according to the resolution and video extensions like MP4, MPEG or MKV.
  • TrumpTube is completely free to install and use.

All in all, TrumpTube is an excellent app for people who love watching videos frequently. It is easy to use and reliable, also it is 100% safe for your smartphone.

Getting interested in it? Download the app right now and give it a try!

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