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Read this post carefully word by word to know how to download and install TrumpTube app on PC windows. How many times do you watch videos online video stream websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, LiveLeaks etc or on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc and wish you could actually download it to your PC? I’m sure there must be many times!

But the thing is that these videos can’t be downloaded directly. You can only wait for it to buffer and watch it right there and then. The most irritating part is when you have poor Internet connection while the video is loading, the video will get stuck. That is why people prefer downloading the video to their own devices and watch it later rather than watch it online.

Now, there are many software and applications available that let you download almost any video on the Internet from any video streaming website or social media. One such application, and probably the best one out there, is TrumpTube, TrumpTube for Android lets you download movies, songs from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vevo, LiveLeak, Vimeo and many more in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

The application can not be installed directly to your computer or laptop, because it is designed for Android platform. However, there are some useful Android Emulators that let you install any Android app or APK file available on the Internet to your computer. One of those Emulators id Koplayer which is very easy to use. So in this article, we will show you an easy way to install TrumpTube on your computer using Koplayer Android Emulator(without using BlueStacks App Player). Please read the steps mentioned below to learn how to download and install TrumpTube on your PC easily.

Downloading & Installing TrumpTube on PC Windows

  1. Download BlueStacks or Koplayer on your computer. Then install that app on your computer by clicking on the file and following the on-screen instructions.
  2. Next, you will have to download TrumpTube APK(because it is not available on Google Play). You can download it by clicking on the link below.
  3. After you download the APK, open it with Koplayer or Bluestacks(whatever you have downloaded in step 1) and it will be installed to your PC.
  4. Now you can enjoy downloading all the video and audio files of your choice to your computer using TrumpTube App for PC.

Hope you won’t have any problem if you have read the steps carefully and followed them carefully. Now, let’s take a brief look at some useful features of TrumpTube.

Best Features of TrumpTube for Windows PC

  • TrumpTube has multiple search options including many subcategories.
  • Videos are categorized according to the most views, most liked and there is also a daily recommended videos section.
  • You can also download 1080p full HD videos to your computer using TrumpTube.
  • Videos can be saved in different resolutions and sizes so you can download them according to your preference.
  • If you want to download just the audio of a video, there is a convenient option for that too. There are various audio formats like MP3 and M4A in which you can download your audio files.
  • TrumpTube has a really elegant look and easy to use framework that makes it easier to search and download the files from almost every website.
  • You don’t have to go to different sites to download the videos or audios you want. You can do that easily within TrumpTube app.
  • Just type the name of artist or the name of the song or the video in the search box and TrumpTube will show you all the search results at one place.

These features above makes TrumpTube a must have app for your PC. We have shown you how to install it on your computer using Koplayer. We are using Koplayer Android Emulator because it is easy to use and holds the reliability of downloading every Android app for you with ease. To download it using Koplayer, you should follow the simple steps given above and enjoy TrumpTube app for PC for free.

If you have any problem in downloading the app or have any doubts and questions about TrumpTube, feel free to ask us and tell us your experience with the app in the comment box below. Thank you.

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