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If you are in love with the sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, etc. You must have felt an urge to download some special or attractive videos or MP3 file at some time. These sites doesn’t allow you to do that directly, and the indirect ways are very time-consuming. So, what should we do to make it simple? Well, there are indeed a straightforward solution to that.

Download TrumpTube APK and TrumpTube install on Android 

TrumpTube is a free app that allows you to search for the endless videos on socializing sites or hundreds of video sites. By default, this app allows you to download from 20more video sites for free. Just download & install TrumpTube free and you are all set to search, view or download any video, mp3 songs you like.


TrumpTube for Android has recently updated to a newer version of 2.0.8. In the latest version, you can change the content-location setting to various different regions. Together with it, more languages are also available with an improved matching accuracy.

On mobile phones or Android tablets, TrumpTube app can be installed by the two following ways:

1) Installation through Android app market such as Aptoide ,9Apps etc.

2)Direct APK installation (Super easy and recommended, just scroll down and you will see)

Method 1:

Aptoide and 9Apps are platforms that allows you to download Android applications safely, especially those apps which are not available on Google Play Store for direct downloading. You can read how to easily download it from Aptoide here. The other platforms are just the same. It is a free and reliable way to download Android apps. Below are the steps:

  1. Open any browser in your mobile phone and visit the site from your browser. There you will find a tab for you to download the Aptoide app. Just click the button and you can download it.
  2. After clicking, you may be prompted about the possible hazards of downloading the file with a message such as “This type of file can harm your device.” Just ignore it because this app is totally safe and will never damage your device.
  3. When the download gets finished, you will receive a message, click that to start the installation.
  4. After installation, click the “launch” tab and you can launch the app.
  5. When Aptoide is open, you can see its main interface. Type TrumpTube in the search box of it.
  6. You may get various search results on TrumpTube app link here. Just click on the first official & original downloadable link provided by TrumpTube official team.
  7. Then TrumpTube app will start to download. You can see the downloading process in your notification window.
  8. After the download gets completed, you can see the option with the message “Click to Install”. Click on it and you can install TrumpTube app.
  9. Now, TrumpTube App for Android will ask for permission just as Aptoide app did for installation. Just click “Install” and the next window on “Launch”.
  10. You are all set to use TrumpTube app now.

You will then be notified about the newer version of the App. If you have enough place on your mobile, it is better to have the latest version with improved functioning.


Method 2:

1.For direct apk file download on mobile, just click on the button below.

Free Download

2. If you want to successfully install it, you should enable unknown sources via Settings>Security>. Tick the Unknown Resources and OK after that.

3.Now you can just open the downloaded trumptube.apk file to start the installation of video and music downloader for Android devices.

4.Installation completed successfully and open the application, you can enjoy all its features mentioned below.

TrumpTube Video Downloader Features

1. Download videos & mp3 songs on any quality you wish, from lower quality to HD.

2. TrumpTube allows you to download countless full movies.

3. Apart from HD videos, it also allows you to download any high-quality videos without any hindrance.

4. You can even download all your favorite TV shows in TrumpTube.

With so many features to provide, TrumpTube has become a unique and a must have application for Android device users. Just it once, and you will be in love with it.



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